Episode 12 - AgTech Adoption Sucks, Why and How to Help It: A Personal Update

Episode 12 - AgTech Adoption Sucks, Why and How to Help It: A Personal Update

Overview: Hey everyone, it's Nathan Faleide, your host of Ag Uncensored. In this episode, I share my vision for evolving the podcast format and introduce new ideas to help bridge the gap between technology adoption and practical usage in agriculture. I'll discuss the challenges we face in the industry, the potential for new content formats, and my experiences and plans for future episodes.

Timestamped Takeaways:

00:01: I start off by explaining the delay in releasing this episode due to sickness and travel, and discuss new directions for the podcast, including more solo content and weekly or monthly agricultural topics.

02:25: I reminisce about my earlier project, "Easy Observations," which focused on Earth observation and its applications in agriculture, and consider broadening the podcast's scope to include general space and Earth observation topics.

04:50: I'm interested in creating video showcases to highlight actual work being done in agriculture technology (Ag Tech) and providing honest evaluations of various software and tools in the industry.

06:56: I discuss the complexity and diversity of Ag Tech, the multitude of software and systems available, and the challenges of integrating and adopting these technologies in real-world agricultural settings.

09:22: I delve into the issues of low adoption rates for Ag Tech solutions, the overwhelming variety of tools, and the unrealistic marketing claims made by some companies. Transparency and practical demonstrations are crucial.

13:49: I introduce the concept of "gamifying" Ag software to make it more engaging and easier to use, drawing parallels to the gaming industry's approach to user education.

18:45: I outline a typical user's experience with Ag software, highlighting the frustrations and barriers they face, from confusing interfaces to unhelpful training resources and pushy sales tactics.

21:10: I propose creating video content where I, as a non-expert user, navigate various Ag software with guidance from company representatives, providing a realistic perspective on the software's usability and features.

25:54: I emphasize the importance of showing the development and functionality of software over time, rather than waiting for a perfect product, and how transparency can build trust and improve adoption.

30:50: I discuss the broader implications of software transparency for the Ag industry, encouraging companies to showcase their products openly and address both strengths and weaknesses honestly.

35:32: I highlight the need for an accessible platform where users can see and compare different Ag software in action, helping users make informed decisions and reducing the intimidation factor of new technologies.

39:12: I address the reluctance of some companies to showcase their software, fearing competition or criticism, and how open demonstration can drive improvement and adoption.

43:57: I point out the logistical challenges of transitioning to new software and the need for ongoing, accessible training content, suggesting that gamified, user-driven content could ease these transitions.

48:25: I reflect on the industry's tendency to target a small, high-end user base while neglecting broader adoption, calling for a more inclusive approach to technology adoption in agriculture.

50:17: I conclude by reiterating my plan to create and host these software showcase videos, encouraging feedback and collaboration from listeners and industry stakeholders.

52:29: I invite listeners to share their thoughts and express interest in participating in or supporting my new content initiative. Future collaborations and a continued focus on transparency and practical solutions in Ag Tech are on the horizon.

54:38: Wrapping up, I acknowledge the unique and experimental nature of this discussion and tease more unconventional content in future episodes. Your engagement and feedback are crucial as we move forward.

That’s it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited as I am about the new directions we’re exploring. See you next time!

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