Episode 16: Interview with Scott Sexton CEO of Ever.ag
Ag UncensoredJuly 10, 2024x
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Episode 16: Interview with Scott Sexton CEO of Ever.ag

In this episode of Ag Uncensored, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Sexton, the CEO of EverAg. We delved into the challenges and opportunities in the ag technology industry and highlighted the significance of creating comprehensive and interconnected solutions for the agri-food ecosystem. Scott shared his journey from the food industry into ag tech and explained how EverAg evolved from its roots in the dairy industry to expand into other sectors of the agri-food value chain.

Our discussion emphasized building an interconnected ecosystem in agriculture and the hurdles of integrating various software solutions. We talked about the importance of core systems of record, transparency, and genealogy data, as well as the challenges in funding traceability platforms. We also explored the evolution of technology in agriculture, balancing innovation with value drivers, and ensuring a return on investment.

We touched on the emotional strain within agriculture, the necessity of bringing in new talent, and managing generational transitions. The conversation wrapped up with a focus on the slow pace of technology adoption in agriculture, the importance of understanding the industry's growth process, and the evolving landscape of large agricultural organizations. We also discussed the shift in production from North America to other regions and the crucial role of trusted partners and advisors in helping farmers adopt new technologies. Throughout, we remained optimistic about the future of agriculture and the potential advancements in real-time digital transparent supply chains and AI.



00:00 Introduction and Scheduling Challenges
02:09 Scott's Background in the Food Industry and Ag Tech
08:10 Challenges and Opportunities in Ag Technology
12:11 The Pace of Adoption in Agriculture
23:43 Building Comprehensive Solutions for the Agri-Food Ecosystem
29:12 The Shift Towards Traceability and Sustainability in the Agri-Food Industry
31:03 Building an Interconnected Ecosystem in Agriculture
32:07 The Challenges of Funding Traceability Platforms
39:02 Balancing Innovation with Value Drivers
49:27 Addressing the Emotional Strain in Agriculture
57:23 The Slow Pace of Adoption in Agriculture
01:05:34 The Evolution of Large Agricultural Organizations
01:06:12 Production Shift: North America to Global Markets
01:07:10 The Slow Adoption of Technology in the US Agriculture Industry
01:09:32 The Role of Trusted Partners and Advisors in Technology Adoption
01:11:33 The Importance of Patience, Innovation, and Capitalization
01:16:00 The Potential of Real-Time Digital Transparent Supply Chains and AI

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