Interview with Farmers Edge CEO Vibhore Arora

Opening Thoughts:

Well it’s finally here! As I’ve mentioned, this is something that has been on my mind for quite some time around making a podcast. As I stated in my last newsletter update I’m changing things up to be more around the podcast and this newsletter with showcase that with summary of it and some other highlights.

While I could write a bunch regarding this episode on here clearly I’d rather you just listen to it. I’m still figuring it all out and I’ll say the quality of the audio and video for this one isn’t amazing, but it does the job. This one is different too since I did it in person and that was a first for me there. It’ll get better in time as with all things I spose.

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My Interview with Vibhore:

In this conversation, Nathan Faleide interviews Vibhore Arora, the CEO of Farmers Edge. Vibhore shares his personal journey and career, including his experience at Amazon and his transition to Farmers Edge. He discusses the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural technology industry and the partnership between Farmers Edge and Fairfax. Vibhore also addresses the transition from a competitive to a complimentary approach and the company's focus on technology solutions. He emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and the need for clear communication and transparency. They discuss the future viability of the company, addressing legal concerns, and the trust issues that have arisen. Vibhore emphasizes the importance of regaining trust and working on original visions to open doors for customers. They also talk about simplifying offerings, focusing on core solutions, and the launch of soil testing services. Viphore highlights the significance of partnerships and localization in expanding the business. He shares insights on improving financials and cash flow, the size of the team, and the passion of employees. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future outlook and phases of growth for Farmers Edge.


  • Vibhore has an unconventional background, starting his career in the hospitality industry before transitioning to information technology with Amazon and eventually joining Farmers Edge as CEO.

  • The AgTech has seen significant growth and investment in recent years, but there is a need for more focus on delivering value to customers and addressing their specific needs.

  • Farmers Edge aims to be a technology enabler for the agriculture community, providing innovative solutions that complement and collaborate with other players in the industry.

  • The company is transitioning to a virtual model in some markets while maintaining full-service support in primary markets, and they are committed to addressing customer concerns and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Clear communication, transparency, and a customer-centric approach are key principles for Farmers Edge as they navigate the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural technology industry. Addressing legal concerns and regaining trust are key priorities for Farmers Edge.

  • Simplifying offerings and focusing on core solutions is important for customer satisfaction.

  • Partnerships and localization play a crucial role in expanding the business.

  • Improving financials and cash flow is a priority to ensure long-term viability.

  • The passion and dedication of employees are essential for the success of the company.

  • The future outlook for Farmers Edge involves doubling down on core offerings and expanding globally.


Into from just the Host

07:10 Introduction and Background

08:38 Personal Journey and Career

15:15 Experience at Amazon and Transition to Farmers Edge

17:46 Challenges and Opportunities in Ag Tech

19:00 Joining Farmers Edge and Partnership with Fairfax

22:47 Meeting and Collaboration with Nathan Faleide

27:02 Refreshing Approach and Focus on Technology Solutions

32:32 Transition and Changes in Management Process

40:02 Transitioning from Competitive to Complimentary Approach

52:45 Transitioning to Virtual Model and Addressing Customer Concerns

56:24 Future Viability and Legal Concerns

01:01:00 Regaining Trust and Working on Original Visions

01:02:23 Simplifying Offerings and Core Focus

01:04:58 Managed Services for Enterprise Customers

01:06:49 Challenges of Building Technology In-House

01:08:18 Localization and Partnerships

01:11:57 Improving Financials and Cash Flow

01:17:50 Team Size and Employee Passion

01:21:27 Soil Testing Services

01:25:47 Market Focus and Expansion

01:32:49 Consideration of Changing the Name

01:36:48 Future Outlook and Phases of Growth

Exit Thoughts from the Host

In Closing:

I won’t add a lot as it pretty much describes itself in the podcast, but I’ll add a few things. As I mentioned in it this is sort of odd for me as I have a long history going way back with Farmers Edge. Good, Bad, and Ugly I’ll say. I’ve been one of their biggest critics yet I also get where they have been coming from through a unique perspective.

Needless to say, they still have a long rode ahead of them but I will say it was refreshing to talk to them more openly and closely. They have some good people and tools that can help people in Agriculture and the AgTech side of the industry no doubt. Their past is still a thing though and navigating through that is tough to say the least.

No matter what you think of them I’ll say this, now that they have started to reset themselves I think its worthwhile to at the very least take their call and see what is new if you’re in that position. It might not be a fit or it might, it’s not my thing to say beyond I feel all deserve second chances. I’m doing that myself and I guess time will tell how it all plays out for them.

Other than that, thanks for reading, watching, or listening and I hope you’ll continue to check out my new podcast and content around AgTech and beyond. It should be fun…