Episode 10 - Interview with Randy Barker Founder and CEO of Intent

Episode 10 - Interview with Randy Barker Founder and CEO of Intent


In this episode of Ag Uncensored, host Nathan Faleide interviews Randy Barker, CEO of Intent, a company in the AgTech space. They discuss the evolution of precision agriculture practices from Western Canada and the US, the challenges of proving the effectiveness of AgTech solutions, and the role of AI and ML in agriculture. They also touch on the importance of agronomy and the need for practicality and skepticism when it comes to adopting new technologies. The conversation explores the challenges and debates surrounding the adoption of new agricultural technologies and equipment. It delves into the dilemma faced by farmers when deciding whether to upgrade to expensive, high-tech equipment or stick with their current, reliable tools. The conversation also touches on the limited market size for advanced agricultural technology and the importance of understanding the needs and preferences of farmers. It highlights the need for trust and confidence in the use of data in agriculture and the value of long-term, sustainable approaches in the industry. In this final part of the conversation, Nathan and Randy discuss the challenges and opportunities in the agriculture industry. They touch on topics such as investment strategies, the importance of understanding the financial aspects of farming, the need for smart decision-making in corporate agriculture, and the potential risks and benefits of biologicals in agriculture. They emphasize the importance of self-governance and responsible innovation in the industry.


00:00 Introduction and Background

09:21 Challenges in Proving the Effectiveness of AgTech Solutions

30:53 The Upgrade Dilemma

46:38 The Importance of Long-Term, Sustainable Approaches

01:01:34 Navigating the Financial Aspects of Farming

01:09:39 The Potential Risks and Benefits of Biologicals in Agriculture

01:19:09 The Importance of Self-Governance and Responsible Innovation in Agriculture

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