Episode 8 - Interview with Paul Schrimpf
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Episode 8 - Interview with Paul Schrimpf


In this conversation, I interview Paul Schrimpf, an expert in ag tech and precision agriculture. We discuss Paul's background in journalism and his journey into the world of agriculture. We also explore the evolution of ag technology, including the impact of auto-steer systems and the rise of software in agriculture. We speculate on the next big innovation in the industry and the challenges of automation and consolidation. The conversation explores the challenges and complexities of adopting agricultural technologies in the farming industry. We discuss the disconnect between technology developers and farmers, the lack of government support for outstanding performers, and the cultural and lifestyle aspects of farming. The conversation also touches on the marketing strategies of ag tech companies and the need for a more realistic and practical approach to technology adoption in agriculture. In this final part of the conversation, we both discuss the challenges and complexities of the agriculture industry, including the difficulties of expanding farms, the importance of survival in both good and bad years, and the upcoming transfer of knowledge and land from one generation to the next. We also touch on the need for standardization and collaboration in ag tech, as well as the slow and deliberate progress being made in the industry. Overall, we emphasize the importance of learning from the past and using that knowledge to shape the future of agriculture.


  • Paul Schrimpf has had a successful career in ag tech and precision agriculture, covering various aspects of the industry.
  • The introduction of auto-steer systems was a game-changer in terms of efficiency and comfort for farmers.
  • The usability of software in agriculture has improved over time, with companies like Climate FieldView and Precision Planting leading the way.
  • The next big innovation in agriculture is still uncertain, but automation and AI are potential areas of growth.
  • The challenge lies in finding the right balance between technology and the need for human involvement in farming operations.
  • Consolidation in the industry has not occurred at the scale expected, and the future of agriculture remains dynamic and ever-changing. Agricultural technologies are often built for large-scale operations focused on production and movement, which may not align with the lifestyle and values of individual farmers.
  • The government support for farming tends to favor all farmers rather than outstanding performers, which may discourage the adoption of new technologies.
  • The cultural and lifestyle aspects of farming play a significant role in technology adoption, and many farmers may not feel the need to adopt new technologies if they are already making a profit.
  • The marketing strategies of ag tech companies often focus on grand claims of feeding the world, but the actual impact and effectiveness of these technologies can vary.
  • There is a need for a more realistic and practical approach to technology adoption in agriculture, with a focus on solutions that work for individual farmers and provide tangible benefits. The agriculture industry is complex and influenced by various factors, making it challenging for farmers to expand and adopt new technologies.
  • Surviving both good and bad years is crucial in agriculture, and farmers often have to be stubborn and adaptable to navigate the ups and downs.
  • The transfer of knowledge and land from one generation to the next is a significant event in the industry that will shape its future.
  • Standardization and collaboration are essential in ag tech to ensure seamless data interchange and drive progress.
  • Learning from the past and understanding the history of agriculture can provide valuable insights for shaping the future.


00:00 Introduction and Background

08:23 The Impact of Auto-Steer Systems

31:59 The Lack of Government Support for Outstanding Performers

55:26 The Need for a Realistic and Practical Approach to Technology Adoption

01:08:12 Importance of Learning from the Past

01:19:14 Surviving the Ups and Downs in Agriculture

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