Episode 11 - Interview with Aaron Hutchinson

In this conversation, Nathan Faleide interviews Aaron Hutchinson current Founder and CEO of Lighthouse.Ag and former Founder and CEO of CropTrak. They talk about precision agriculture and AgTech and the decades of history Aaron has experienced within it. They discuss the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in agriculture, the need for data sharing and collaboration, and the importance of developing affordable and accessible technology for small-scale farmers. They also touch on the concentration of ag tech solutions on large-scale farms and the potential for innovation in serving the majority of farmers who operate on smaller scales. The conversation explores the need for simpler and more affordable agricultural technology that is accessible to all farmers, including smallholders. The speakers discuss the challenges of adopting new technologies and the importance of backward compatibility. They also touch on the potential impact of AI and automation on jobs in agriculture and other industries. The conversation highlights the need for consistent and high-frequency data to train AI models effectively. They conclude by discussing the potential of multimodal interfaces in agriculture, where farmers can have conversations with AI assistants to gather information and make decisions. The conversation explores the potential of technology in agriculture, focusing on the integration of AI and the need for more integrated solutions. It discusses the importance of multi-threaded AI assistants and the future possibility of AIs communicating with each other. The conversation also touches on the challenges of onboarding new software and the need for smaller, more modular changes. It highlights the slow adoption rate in agriculture due to financial and seasonal risks. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of standards and the potential for a circular economy in agriculture.




  • Implementing blockchain technology in agriculture has challenges related to data storage, encryption, and the involvement of third parties.
  • There is a need for data sharing and collaboration in agriculture to improve decision-making and optimize farming practices.
  • Affordable and accessible technology is crucial for small-scale farmers to benefit from advanced agricultural practices.
  • The majority of farmers operate on smaller scales and may not have access to or be interested in cutting-edge ag tech solutions.
  • Investment in technology for small-scale farmers can have a significant impact on global food production and sustainability. There is a need for simpler and more affordable agricultural technology that is accessible to all farmers, including smallholders.
  • Backward compatibility is important when adopting new technologies to ensure a smooth transition and compatibility with existing systems.
  • AI and automation have the potential to impact jobs in agriculture and other industries, but they can also create new opportunities and improve efficiency.
  • Consistent and high-frequency data is crucial for training AI models effectively and obtaining accurate insights.
  • Multimodal interfaces, where farmers can have conversations with AI assistants, hold potential for improving communication and decision-making in agriculture. AI assistants have the potential to become higher-order assistants that can provide real-time information and reminders.
  • The integration of AI and the ability for AIs to communicate with each other will revolutionize the agricultural industry.
  • Smaller, more modular changes in software and technology adoption are necessary for success.
  • Standards play a crucial role in the integration and compatibility of different technologies.
  • The concept of a circular economy in agriculture, where inputs and outputs are recycled and reused, has the potential to create more sustainable and efficient farming practices.



00:00 Introduction and Background

06:23 Challenges of Implementing Blockchain in Agriculture

25:12 Affordable and Accessible Technology for Small-Scale Farmers

30:52 The Concentration of Ag Tech Solutions on Large-Scale Farms

34:59 Investing in Technology for Small-Scale Farmers

38:42 The Importance of Backward Compatibility in Technology Adoption

43:39 The Impact of AI and Automation on Jobs in Agriculture

53:05 The Role of Data in Training AI Models

01:02:14 The Potential of Multimodal Interfaces in Agriculture

01:04:14 The Future of AI Assistants

01:05:38 The Integration of AI and AIs Communicating with Each Other

01:07:17 Challenges of Onboarding New Software and the Need for Modular Changes

01:08:54 The Importance of Standards in Technology Integration

01:14:21 Exploring the Potential of a Circular Economy in Agriculture

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